The Jaded Observer

Truth is absolute. Moreover, it is self evident. Our realities are composed of the sensations and interpretations of the phenomena around us, and it is up to us to make sense of it. In order to truly understand the world, we must understand the ideas behind it. An alternative title for this website could be “Thinking Out Loud,” as this is a catalogue of my own thoughts and interpretations as I strive to better understand the world around me. My writings are the product of a classical early education, a conservative, Christian upbringing, and the bones of a bachelor’s of science from a school that heavily tends toward the liberal arts.

Over my time in college I have diversified my interests and sought to absorb everything I can possibly learn. I enjoy philosophy, science, theology, politics and social theory. As a psychology major, I tend to relate each of these topics back to the mind and how fickle our perceptions really are.

Consider this: How do we really know anything? Think of a concrete statement, such as “The sky is blue,” and consider how you know the sky is blue. If you ask yourself at every level the question “why?” then you will find that our knowledge is the basis of something other than ourselves. For this reason, my website deals heavily in epistemology, which is the study of knowledge.

However, don’t go running away because the words are unfamiliar or the content seems dry. The information in my articles is steeped in real life application, and I would like to believe that my writing style is easy enough to follow. If you want to grow your mind, I would suggest that you read. Read anything, not necessarily what I write, but read a book. I recommend Twelve Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson, which is an entry level primer for thinking big.

The Jaded Observer is my attempt at putting my thoughts and conclusions into consumable, independent articles which criticize the modern world and society from the perspective of absolute truth. Thus my motto, “Truth is Absolute.”

Feel free to comment on my pages, but consider three things before you hit post. First, this website is written from the perspective of a Conservative Christian. Is your comment simply written to say you loathe me as a person? Second, please refrain from self-advertising. I will not approve self-advertisement comments, so save yourself the thirty seconds of your life and spend it elsewhere, making some positive contribution to society. Lastly, I welcome rational disagreement. Nobody benefits from living in an echo chamber. Please feel free to disagree and tell me exactly why. Nothing would make me happier, honest.

Happy Reading.