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How To Create A Good and Moral People

Is it too much to expect that the United States follow a prescribed moral code? The answer to this issue depends on a very specific interpretation of political theory. Yes, the government should not mandate morality, but it should not need to. Moral security should arise from a well ordered and based people.

The founding fathers of the United States were not all Christians, but they generally understood that a good and well ordered government should be founded on Christian principles. They entrenched Christian law into the very core of the U.S. legal system; for better or worse, U.S. law was supposed to mirror Christian law.

In a previous article, the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation was discussed. In it’s beginning, the U.S. was a Christian nation by reputation. But how does it fare today?

To begin with, the United States is currently engaged in what could be considered among the worst instances of infanticide in human history. There is significant debate in regards to the legal status of unborn humans, but as the debate rages on, the death toll approaches fifty million. Fifty million babies; none of them will know anything of life or love. That comes out to almost seven percent of the current population being killed in the womb. There is also significant demand for new legislation that allows for fourth trimester abortion. Consider how oxymoronic that sounds. How can there be a fourth in a group of three? While its proponents refuse to state this honestly, fourth trimester abortions simply leave the child to cry until it ‘expires.’

In the wake of World War II, the Nazi concentration camps were discovered to be sources of mass genocide; Nazi Germany is even today used to punctuate a demonstration of evil, and left leaning activists believe that comparing their opposition to Hitler and his Nazis is the final word in an argument.

The Nazis killed six million Jews, many of them adults who actively fought back.

The United States has allowed forty million babies to be slaughtered. They are incapable of resistance.

If the annals of history are honest, the United States and her people should logically go down in history alongside the other vile and bloodthirsty peoples such as Babylon, Canaan and The Third Reich.

The United States also faces cultural revolutions against what its proponents see as the chains of Christian values. This is most prevalent in how culture is attempting to normalize the degenerate. The slow oozing of secular degeneracy has led to casual sexual promiscuity in society. According to the American Psychological Association, between sixty to eighty percent of college aged adults admit to engaging in casual hook-up sex. This is only people who admit to it. The real numbers are likely higher.

And where there is a need, capitalism delivers. Apps like Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, and countless more offer an easy outlet to find matches, making sure that a person should never need to spend a night alone. It is not uncommon for men especially to have upwards of 10+ partners, although it is generally accepted that seven or more partners removes an individual from the realm of desirability. Moreover, studies indicate that casual sex leads to significant depression, which is lessened by more sex and promiscuity. The dopamine conditioning involved makes it a perfect epidemic.

Another major issue in America is hard to condemn publicly for fear of backlash and fear of being branded a bigot. As Herbert Marcuse said, the goal of cultural Marxism was to cause division and lead to Freud’s “polymorphous perversity,” but polymorphous perversity got its start in Freudian psychology: the ability to gain sexual gratification outside socially normative sexual behaviors. Freud did not use the term sexual to simply mean procreation however. Freud used the term ‘sexual’ as a much broader reflection of consciousness.

The fusion of Freudian theory and Marcuse’s philosophy led to what is silently being executed today; something that Christians should feel uneasy about but might not be able to quite explain. Polymorphus perversity with regards to American culture is simply when people find goodness in bad things. Even more simply, rejoicing in evil. Any good Marxist would contend that there is no good or evil, but even the most staunch advocates of relativism crumble under personal pressure. When instructed to shoot a baby, perhaps, they will acquiesce that there is good and evil. And when their dear old mother is the victim on a homicide, they are suddenly convinced that there is at least right and wrong. Some people would willingly kill a baby to prove their point. They belong in a mental institution.

On a smaller scale, even cutting line in front of someone who defies absolute truth will suddenly create a firm advocate of justice. People are selfish. To some degree they always have been, but there are exceptions. Even Christians, who should be pillars of virtue, get lost in the highly complicated space of personal life and personal justice.

How then can a nation be run in a morally upright and virtuous way? Clearly the United States today has fallen into vacuous hedonism and rampant selfish ambition.

The answer, in my opinion and the opinion of several notable historians, lies in the foundations of what made America moral and virtuous to begin with: the Church. Only the Church can counteract the degeneracy that runs rampant today.

That means the Church as an institution as well as a people. The people of the Church need to strengthen themselves in righteousness, refusing to fall into progressive passivity and striving to become models of Christ.

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