About the Author

Joshua is a college student preparing to graduate into a rapidly changing world. His interests cover a range of topics including:

  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

The purpose of this website is to deliver objective analysis on topics and events which relate to our cultural moment in The United States as well as abroad. Western society hangs in the balance between utter chaos and the memory of what it once was.

Over the course of writings, the author will cover a spectrum of topics, some political and others theoretical, but all of which are based on a top-down perspective. There is little room for anecdote in a cultural maelstrom.

On Reading

The articles contained within are certainly subjective in some aspects, but over the course of my writings I hope to instill in the reader, at the very least, the idea that truth must by necessity be absolute.

In the realm of cultural analysis, subjectivity is not without merit. Absolute truth, however, cannot be eliminated. Although we live an age of cultural relativism, I hope to remind the reader that without truth, even the ability to distinguish between relativity and truth cannot exist.

Thus, when reading, please understand that truth can hurt, but it is necessary for a forward moving society.