The Jaded Observer

This website is a project dedicated to cataloguing my thoughts. Ideas are fleeting and good thoughts can vanish as soon as they arrive; this is the place where I keep them to rethink and build upon. I hope that while they are here, they are of some use to readers as well. New thoughts, or old thoughts phrased in new ways, could scratch the itch that you’ve had in your mind but haven’t had the right words to scratch.

The ideas expressed herein are created from a Christian, conservative, antagonistic point of view. This antagonism is directed towards post-modernist thought and humanistic schools of thought.

You may be offended or fundamentally disagree; all the better. No good discussion was ever had inside an echo chamber. Please do make use of the comments to add intelligent critique or furtherings to what has already been written.

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This collection of ideas exists in dedication;

To my parents who have encouraged me throughout my adolescence into adulthood; leading me ever in the direction of righteousness and cognizance.

To my grandfather William, who knew more than he said, and told me more than he knew. I hope one day we can share notes and laugh about how many lines cross.

And to my future; the wife and children who, alongside me, will inevitably witness the rise or fall of Columbia.

Thank you to my friend Benjamin. We’ve got some great memories to laugh about for years to come.

Truth is absolute